6th Financial Directors’ Forum

Another edition of the FINANCIAL DIRECTORS’ FORUM is over. For six years we have been providing Presidents, CFO’s and professionals in managing top level finance with a unique opportunity to discuss, exchange inspirations and best practices. The “masters to masters” formula allowed the Participants to share unique experiences and solutions developed individually.

This year’s meeting held between 11-12 May 2016, “In elite company, on strategic level, to increase business value!” has enabled the Participants to draw inspirations from new ideas allowing to react more effectively to dynamic changes of the surrounding economic reality. From the very beginning of the event, the creative tasks have put the Participants into a highly interactive atmosphere conducive to discussions (you can witness the effects in the photo gallery). “Creative brainstorming” and “open thinking” permeated all the parts of the Forum, in part due to the formula of the meeting and the subsequent speeches, discussions and workshops.

Once again, the Conference has assured us that sharing knowledge and discussions are always worth the time. The annual meetings in a strategic company of people occupying similar positions, who reached the top through various paths and present various experiences allow to pinpoint the challenges they have in common, improve their activities and strengthen their and their businesses’ positions. We have been informed that this year’s exchange of experiences has already brought about tangible changes in some organisations, which makes us really glad to have been able to help.
One of the hottest topics during this edition was the image of today’s market presented in a discussion moderated by Jarosław Malik – Financial Director for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and East Adriatic Countries, representing SAINT GOBAIN. The panelists-economists, i.a. Jeremi Mordasiewicz, Marcin Petrykowski and Wojciech Warski discussed economic perspectives for running a business in Poland – focusing on trends, predictions and challenges for the Polish economy in the years 2016-2021.

Further thematic areas covered during the Forum addressed the biggest challenges currently faced by CFOs – Strategists, Visionaries, Leaders, Creators and Innovators in their organisations. The Participants found our Inspirers’ speeches particularly commendable. Based on very practical solutions, they touched upon making changes in financial strategies, partnership, flexibility in budget planning and process automatisation, new technologies and lean management. Apart from this, another distinguishing feature of the speeches was that all topics referred to adjusting to the changeable and unpredictable market.

What makes us most glad as organisers, however, is that all the speeches displayed an equally high, exceptional substantive level.

The following speeches received the highest total notes:


Jarosław Malik
Financial Director for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and East Adriatic Countries
Saint Gobain


Bartłomiej Kowalczyk
Financial Director


Paweł Hajduk
Member of the Management Board in charge of Finance
Solaris Bus & Coach

Instead of a stick and carrot – the challenges faced by a modern lead:


Instead of a stick and carrot – the challenges faced by a modern lead:

  • What do we know about motivation and motivating – a short review of mechanisms making us “want to want”
  • Changing the context – changing tools? Business environment and management tools in the past and today
  • Competences of a modern leader – 21st century leadership

Bożena Andrzejak, ZZL Consultant, Business Coach, RSVP Consulting

The meetings’ success was confirmed in the Participants’ surveys. Just as during the previous editions, this year the Participants’ expectations fulfillment and satisfaction levels turned out to be very high. This is why today we would already like to invite you to participate in the 7th Financial Directors’ Forum due in May 2017.

Aleksandra Schoen – Żmijowa, Director of Projects Management Departament, Blue Business Media


„Interesting experience and an opportunity for direct discussions” Ilona Piwkowska - CFO, Saint-Gobain
„A perfect platform for exchanging experiences and studying the economy in a company focused on the financial aspects of organisations” Sławomir Gaj - Dyrektor finansowy, Tarczyński SA
„Real challenges and practical solutions presented by practitioners in various lines of business” Jarosław Tkaczyk - Dyrektor zarządzający, Opuscapita sp zoo